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Post production

- Radio, TV, Cinema and Web Production
- Sound design
- Music and voice-over recording & mix
- Music composition
- Landpatch (ISDN) and Sourceconnect
- On-cam voice dubbing
- Closed captitonning SD & HD
- SD & HD TV virtual and physical distribution to stations
- Radio distribution via Webcargo
- Striping, dubbing and back ups (SD & HD)
- File conversion

Sound Design

Whether you require a subtle ambiance or a striking impact, we will shape our sound effects in a manner that will carry your creation to the next level. Thanks to our foley studio as well as our extensive SFX banks, we can quickly conjure up evocative soundscapes that will bring your creation to life. From realism to the most delusional textures, we will create what your image calls for.

Music Composition

Music composition was our first love, the reason behind Audio Z’s birth. We work with the best musicians on projects of any kind and love to compose the soundtracks of your dreams. Nothing less. Whether it be an organic feel, a dynamic rhythm or any music style as a matter of fact, we select the best musical ingredients in order to create the perfect mood. 
Our access to a wide stock music library can also come in handy when creative needs meet smaller budgets.

Landpatch (ISDN)

Our ISDN and Sourceconnect connections allow us to record your talents in real time, wherever they are. We can also assist you with finding studios abroad that will suit your needs.


Thanks to our digital rythmoband DubStudio, we can do your French or multilingual adaption in the most efficient way.

Music licensing

For any questions regarding commercial music rights and licensing, please contact us, it will always be a pleasure to assist you. And if by any chance you would need help in finding the perfect song to match your concept, our team of music experts always love a challenge… try us!

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